About Us

Let me start with a bit about me, I am Zenodermus javanicus know as Zen between my friends. I have been sinking lonely around world of injections.

soon i parked into the the wilds

and found a complete new community of SQL inject0rs, who were so active and always ready to learn and get into the depth of SQL injection.
Here i found a new world of SQL gods..when i saw there challenges, my reaction was like WTF!!

But still no matter what, i learned alot from them and for that hats off to all of you guys

Soon i started a group know as WebInj3ct0rs and yeah a grand salute to all the inj3ct0rs present over there

for making our group worth opening everyday and making it a nice platform to learn. I do like to thanks Devilhunter, Aerfan, Aakash, Ashxz, Anas, Casper, Makman, Madcode, Rax, Amir, G_26, Rummy, Nob, Amir_DZ, Fuu AD, Rahul and all the other active members of our group for their sharing of knowledge and support. Without you guys it was never possible to pull all the mess alone.

I have developed this lab for those who are interested to learn the basics of SQL injection and sharpen thier skills.

Enjoy Everyone.